Sourcing wholesale craft supplies

from China

for your business 

If you are looking for arts and crafts supplies for adult and kids, DIY/STEM kids

for Hobbies, Decoration, Crafts, Education, Gift and Toys 

you've come to the right place

It is free to get the solution with your budget

We are buying and sourcing agents for arts and crafts in China.


Panda Crafty basic in Shanghai, Facility in Shanghai, Lanxi City and Yixing City for different solution, catering to the needs of our clients. 


If you are looking for the craft supplies for your arts and crafts, DIY creative products, You will get the following services to 

  • Finding the right craft supplies source for you which helps you save time and money 

  • Developing the new design and samples according to your requirement.

  • Doing regular production follow ups, applying quality control measures and doing shipment inspections, so that you receive the shipments in good shape and in time.

  • Consolidation of shipments and containers, liaising with custom house agents and shipping agents .

Trending Craft Supplies Resources 

Wooded Tools and Wood products


Wooden bag handle


Wood Slide


Wood beads


Natural wood sticks



Felt Gift Kits


Felt Learning kits


Felt Decor


Felt Board Story book



Craft Supplies for adult project



Craft Supplies for Kids project

Why Panda Crafty

"Panda Crafty help me save time and running easy to buy all from China, to find even a 40+ craft supplies per time. "

Richard (Owner of Kids Toy Business )

"Lany do understand me well like a partner. Easy to get my craft kits well by Panda Crafty."

Jim  (Amazon Seller )

"Big or Small, they are sincerely to sourcing the right craft supplies for me, every time. "

Martin  (Owner of art and craft store)

Save time to get quote in 12 hours -3 days 

6000+ craft supplies products in our CRM to quote easily, and quick resources basic in China

Save time with a Known-You supplier 

You will no need to tell every thing to every supplier, we know your quality requirement, target price level, delivery and turn-around time for long term cooperated

Save Money to shipping more products   

That will be a lesser unit price in average if shipping more products together. By Express Better price per KG more than 20+kg, By air, Better price per KG if more than 100+KG, By Sea same price per each CBM, So just full it if you could. 

Save Money to shipping more products   

That will be a lesser unit price in average if shipping more products together. By Express Better price per KG more than 20+kg, By air, Better price per KG if more than 100+KG, By Sea same price per each CBM, So just full it if you could. 

Save Money to get wholesales price for each Craft Supplies 

No matter of each quantity, you get the wholesales price from our sourcing agent. Because of we are focus on the craft supplies resources. 

Friendly to small business to help you keep running the ball bigger and bigger 

It is ok for us to start from 100$ if you are running a business which including DIY/crafts creative

Flexible delivery options to door 

By Express, By air, By train, By sea to door included import TAX 

Products we could source for you
In-stock Craft Kits

Collecting the kinds of craft  supplies that in stock from  China.

Running fast, you could choose even 5 work days to door to US/UK/Asian.

Custom Craft material 

Sourcing the basic craft material, Custom cutting service, Custom craft supplies  

Sourcing the basic craft material and Customize cutting service

Branding Craft Tools 

Sourcing the tool and make a branding solution like Silk printing logo/ laser logo  / Printed Label,  Printed boxes for the tools )

Service Procedures

1. Free    

Send us detailed requirement of the craft supplies you need. 

2. Free    

We send you price of craft supplies in 12 hours - 3 days. 

3. Free    

Arrange samples if you confirmed the quote and Video the details and testing of craft supplies to you 

4. Order     

Confirm and Pay for samples or Orders

5. Delivery     

Inspection and Shipping

NO payment until you seeing the right products

You can focus on business and we handle everything until you receive the craft supplies 

Who has the wholesale craft supplies from us

Crafter | Artist | Crafty workshop | Toy store | Art and Craft Store | Gift store | Amazon Seller | Crafty online business | School | Baby care center 

More Service 

OEM/ODM Craft Kits set

Sourcing, Branding, Inspection, Assemble, Packaging, Delivery


Produce Crafts

A Handmade Skilled Team in a County to do custom handmade products in bulk for you  


To be an essential partner in DIY Craft projects clients' success by experience crafty kits sourcing, handmade products manufacturing solutions, Follow up production carefully, profitably and to maximum consumer satisfaction. 

  • Easter eggs on a music box 

  • Surprise Rose project 

  • Source soft tubes with target price to door

  • Custom size fabric sets

  • Custom wood car with target price 

  • 100 boxes of DIY Toy box to start solution

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