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OnepaperBOX is a custom paper box and custom paper bag supplier

Dress your products

No matter about the price, No matter about the quantity.

Only if you like to dress your products with that box or bag. Then make sure it is printed correct, it is cut perfect, it is clean.

That is what will you get real from ONE PAPER box and ONE PAPER bag.

  • Start from small MOQ and could do 1-5 customise sample

  • 1 by 1 to check by QC department

  • Take care about the transport package, and Amazon or any third-partner warehouse service

  • Paper solution and options

  • To door delivery if you have no idea on how to import them from China

Onepaper PLUS: Follow up all the paper package designs, paper art and stamping up.

Our Team

Sales Partner:

OnepaperBOX sales team at Shanghai,CHINA 

(US, Mexico sales team is coming soon)

Lead Manufacturer:

HQES Printing & Package Co., Ltd

NO. 8, XingYe Road, LanXi

ZheJiang, China 321100

Onepaper Plus:

Passion and enjoy on paper art

OnepaperBOX has a art dream
The Story

Hi there,

This is Lany Lee from China.

ONE PAPER box and bag is my new start up.

I am happy due to I am a mother for months, I need my time zone. So the ONE PAPER box and bag start up here.

Why custom paper box and paper bag?


Thanks to my closed 7 girl friends who are doing the exporting business for 3-20 years. They are the founders of their company and in different business. Echo do Paper box and paper bags, Sally do Party costumes, Cherrie do Hotel supplies, Ann do Air conditioning and Refrigeration, Elle do Smart watch and scoter, Jenny do License plate maker, Nancy do Phone cases. 

I could learn and know their file easier by their help. So then I found that so much ideas coming out while I search the information about the paper things.


And I did so much package sourcing for my products(bandage and tapes) and clients in the passed 10 years, that is the experience to understand how, what and why to choose that quality paper packaging.

Start from small quantity, because of the new products. Understood and OnepaperBOX team make it works. 

Packaging is important even consumer throw it away soon. Understood and OneppaerBOX would like to help you do a catchy first eyes paper box and paper bag. Let us Dress your products. 

ONE PAPER is willing to do your package like a dress. Do a high quality-controlled printing and cutting service, a pre-selected paper box and pre-designed paper bag supplier.

Basic by HQES Printing and Package Co., Limited in Zhejiang province.

Echo is the owner of HQES, I met her in 2016 with deep impression on her mission for clients.

Echo's major is about paper. She work in this industry over 15 years. And the main market for EU,AU, and US. She said they are focus on High Quality and Effective Service on every project. So even the trading project will be checked with our QC department.

I export sports and medical tape over 10 years. 

So we focus on the boxes and bags with high level quality and special idea on paper.

Believe you will get the great paper box, paper bag, paper things from our team.

Thank you

Sincerely and Best regards

Lany Lee

Personal website: lanylee.cn

about the story
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