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Finishing Solution


Turn your idea into a reality, and then Package it

OnePaper is the best place to get custom paper boxes, custom printed-paper bags and self-packs through quality-packaging solutions.

As big and wide as your ideas are, so are our custom paper boxes, bags and self-packs 

OnePaper helps businesses produce custom paper boxes and printed paper bags. We do custom paper labels, paper tags, paper wraps, paper boxes, paper bags, paper self-packs and decorate boxes specifically to your requirements. We also offer finishing services such as paper arts, pop-up boxes, art laser cutting, hot stamping, inside-box printing and structural designing. We are ready to deliver BIG results.

The Solutions Achieve the Unlimited Idea

At OnePaper, we turn your ideas to reality.


We bring it to life!


We are a group of creative minded packaging professionals looking to innovate the way things are packaged.


We are passionate about driving new, innovative ways of print and packaging.


Our goal is to bring such innovations to entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them uniquely package their creations.


Our Quality Control team ensures your project delivered is of high quality.


There’s much to a box than just the outside; the inside matters too. We’ll help you create a unique experience for your customers by printing inside the box. Everyone loves surprises, and this helps in creating an amazing user-experience.

Printing inside the box from onepaperbox


Using analytical techniques and adhering to design specifications, our team of experts are able to help you create a functional, economical and safe box structure.



Whatever your needs are, we have the right solutions to them. We offer custom fulfilment services like kitting, package assembly, display assembly and so much more. All packaging is done from a secure storage center and is delivered to distribution centers or directly to your customers. We also offer variable data shipping services for individual shipping destinations.

Moving Boxes
OnepaperBOX is China’s innovative pack service provider


Get rolling on your next project  

Let’s get PACKING!

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