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See What Your Order Looks Like?

Free Of Charge!

At Panda Crafty, you are not charged until you confirm we are doing right

We will provide solutions according to your budget

Panda Crafty is a Doer

At Panda Crafty, we’ll help you work out the best balance for the craft supplies you need to ensure they align with your budget. After we’ve finalized the perfect solution and your quote is confirmed, you’ll make payment and we will source and buy the samples which will be tested by us. Once the samples are confirmed, you’ll pay the quote and make the orders final

The Process 



Sourcing and Balancing of your requirements according to your budget before the quote is confirmed



Buying/ Manufacturing of craft supplies kits for sampling



Testing and review of crafts supplies samples by our quality assurance team


Make payment for your samples/ orders and Delivery of your craft supplies

For right QUOTE
Too Expensive?

We make the new solution till the right QUOTE for Dani. 

FREE to get the testing video

Feel free to tell us any thoughts on your craft kits. Like if you do mind the size, the color, quantity, delivery date and expect price after the first quick sourcing price. You tell us what you need, we balance and offer the solution and the right quote that you expect to have.

And then, we buy the samples to test.

For the right craft kits
Some worries after testing video

Test again, as Dani was worried about the bottle is not good for thicker liquid

Free to test again/buy new sample to test

While you confirm the quote, we will buy the samples and test. Photo and video to you for reference. 

You may find something not expected or not sure if it works for your side. 

Tell us, we will test again. 

Test till all is right
New worries after re-testing

When you said you are worried about that is hard to squeeze out by little children. We find a 3-4 years old boy to squeeze :)

Check everything right before any payment

You may have more concerns from the video and have more thoughts. Tell us, we are hear like your co-workers to check everything right. 

ONLY pay the right
Win - Win

You are happy to pay without waste time and money. We are happy to win the order and be your partner.

You won't need to pay anything before you confirm all the samples video. Just pay for the right samples. You won't waste time to talk with us. You won't waste money to buy and test the samples by your side.

A case to see how is the process

You will see all


before decision 

​No time and money to waste while meet the right partner

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What is the craft kits are you looking for 


To be an essential partner in DIY Toys, Craft projects clients' success by experience crafty kits sourcing, handmade products manufacturing solutions, Follow up production carefully, profitably and to maximum consumer satisfaction. 

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Shanghai Panda Crafty Co., Ltd

Room 2106, East Building,

No.2218 Hunan Road,

Shanghai, 201204


Email: onepaperbox@gmail.com

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