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Discover Your Ultimate Choice in 
Magic Sand Toy Supplier 

Introducing non-toxic, eco-friendly magic sand for endless fun and creativity.

Use magic sand in classrooms, at home, or any other setting for playtime with friends and family. With high plasticity, strong cohesion, and no pollution or odor, it's the perfect material for all ages.

Express your creativity with various shapes and designs, and enjoy easy cleanup when playtime is over.

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Choose Panda Crafty as Your Long-Term Magic Sand Supplier

Explore Our Trending Magic Sand Toy Sets

Our magic sand toy sets, perfect for ages 5+, allow endless possibilities for creating unique and fascinating designs.

Modeling Magic Sand colorful options from Panda Crafty.jpg
Color Sand

Modeling Sand

  • Regular colors available

  • Custom colors for orders over 600Kg

Castle Magic Sand from Panda Crafty.png
Castle Sand Kits

Castle Models

  • Trending modeling sand styles

STEM Classrrom Play with Magic Sand .jpg
Magic Sand Kits

Play with Sand

  • Perfect for events

  • Customize mold themes and containers

Magic Green Sand from Panda Crafty.jpg
Bulk Educational Toys

Imagenation Sand

  • Open-ended play with sand

  • Resin or plastic kits for decoration

Ice creen magic sand from Panda Crafty .jpg
Ice Cream Sand Kits

Popular Sand Kits

  • Magic Sand Kits

  • Ice cream models included

Modeling sand with kits from Panda Crafty.jpg
Wholesale STEM Toys

Story Sand Kit

  • Customizable stories

  • Magic modeling sand and accessories to match the story

Why Magic Sand Toys Are a Top-Selling Toy Category

  • Encourages creativity and hours of playtime

  • Educational: teaches shapes, colors, and hands-on creation

  • Reusable and never dries out

  • Easy cleanup with no mess left behind

  • Suitable for ages 5+

Had or Will have the Magic Sand 

Achieve Your Creative Vision with Panda Crafty's Magic Sand Solutions

  • One-stop solution for all your magic sand needs

  • Flexible options to meet your target price

  • Compliant with EN71/ASTMF963/CPSIA/CPSC/CA65 standards

  • Custom branding and private labeling from 200pcs

  • Sourcing, development, and manufacturing solutions

Archive the Creative

You could have one-stop solution to archive your idea on play with sand with Panda Crafty, to do a magic sand toy set, to do a plant color sand kits, to just need magic sensary sand for your classroom, studio even only a event.

Experience Our Support from Cooperating Magic Sand Factories

  • ​Quality stability and timely delivery through automated packaging machines

  • 15 years of experience in magic sand production

  • Expertise in addressing different use cases and functionalities

  • Customize Your Unique Colors and Grow Your Market with Panda Crafty's Magic Sand Toy Factory

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Magic sand bulk from panda crafty.jpeg
Experience Unlimited Material Mixing with Your Branded Toys
  • Save time by working with one provider for all your material.

  • Our sourcing agents will find the perfect items to match your magic sand designs.

Achieve Your Toy Designs with Our Flexible and Supportive Solutions
  • Ideal for teaching, learning, and schools

  • Unique educational toys to enhance the world of learning

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How Smart Supporting for your business? 

Archive the Creative 

Small Quantity
to Start

You could start from 100 sets custom your magic sand toy.

Lowest cost to test the market at the first trial order 

Included freight cost
and import tax 

You could have your magic sand toy easier. No need to consider of how to import them from us. Just delivery to door for you.

Different material
items is welcome

You may need different material for a experiments or a learning box. It is flexible to do so with us. Our Sourcing Team will make it.

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How it Works

Send Idea

  • Send a name 

  • Send a picture

  • Send a theme 

  • Send the magic sand toys ideas and plan that you have

GEt Results

  • Get the same kits that you looking for

  • Get the alternative Educational products for choosing

  • Get Trending Toys options 

Have Pricing

  • Confirm the Educational Toys Kits

  • Confirm the quantity

  • Confirm the delivery time

  • Confirm the shipping information


  • Payment

  • Process

  • Have Photos/ Videos/ Reports of your bulk educational toys order 

  • Shipping 

You could have any kind of magic sand and packge solution from us.

Just Free to talk, and anywhere we start. 

STEM Classrrom Play with Magic Sand .jpg

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  • Source soft tubes with target price to door

  • Custom size fabric sets

  • 100 boxes of DIY Toy box to start solution

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