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It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.

Let's start from Paper Quilling

3D paper toy, Pop-up paper cards, DIY Craft coming soon... 



  • Supply the quilling paper kits & quilling tools to start. More DIY tools later

  • Quilling tools branding/Quilled creation sets/Custom quilling paper

  • Keep discovery and update the widest DIY tools options in China

  • Welcome to develop the DIY tools together. Offer OEM/ODM service.

  • Order Quantity: 1 - Unlimited

  • Always high inspection standard


This is Lany Lee, The founder of ONEpaperbox. 

I love the DIY life so much. 

So Paper Art start with paper package and paper printing service together. And now, here it comes. 

I hope we could really to offer DIY kits and tools as widest as we could to help people to get unlimited creations. 

Tell me, which tools are you looking for. 

Tell me, how do you use your tools. 

Share with me, What DIY things that you create . 

Thank you

Facebook: @lanylee     Twitter: @lanylee

Instagram: @lanyleechina  Snapchat:@lany.lee

Lany Lee




Easter - bunny and color eggs
Malena and Mr. K
Nintendo - LAbo  piano
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