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  • OEM/ ODM your Educational Toy

  1. Make the educational toy you design

  2. Private label/Dropshipping on the education toy you need Panda Crafty to sourcing. 

  3. Group Craft/ DIY Kits as an educational toy to match your business plan. 

  • Wholesale Suppliers of Educational Toys

    1. Wholesale Science Kits

    2. Wholesale Educational Products

    3. Bulk Educational Toys

    4. Wholesale School Supply Kits

    5. Bulk Art Supplies for Teachers

    6. Wholesale STEM Toys

to your long-term Educational Toy Supplier

The Top Trending Educational Toys

Welcome to ask for trending toys for your branding or to be Panda Crafty distributor 

Wholesale STEM Toys

Circuits Kits

  • OK with quantity of Circuits Kits you need

  • OK with 100 pcs for Trail Order

Wholesale Craft Supplies

Mega Crafts

  • Mega crafts wholesale

  • Mix any craft items and  quantity that you like to have 

Wholesale Art Supplies

Crystal Growing Kit

  • Ok with Your Branding Boxes

  • Ok to pick your favor colors 

  • Start from 1000 pcs 

Bulk Educational Toys

Physics Kits

  • Physics kits educational

  • Choose the items match your teaching plan 

  • Custom Branding box

Wholesale Science Kits

Science Kits

  • For 16 Experiments, Ok to custom more

  • Ok with your Branding Package from 1000pcs

Wholesale STEM Toys

DIY Wooden Kits

  • Private label for what you need in stock

  • Custom your diy wood cutting board kits

Not your Expected? 

Easy to get your Educational Toys made by Panda Crafty 

  • Easy to make the Educational Toy that included more than 10 different items in a box

  • Easy to have the solutions at your target price for your ideas

  • Easy to pass the test and have the certification like EN-71/ASTM F963/CPSIA/CPSC/CA65. Because of we always choose the all experienced material/items for your toys.

  • Easy to custom branding boxes with the existing Trending educational toys 

  • Easy to developing your new designed educational toy as a partner 

  • Easy to have wholesale Science Kits, wholesale School Supply Kits, bulk Art Supplies for teachers together 

NO NEED to repeat requirements to different not trusted yet educational toys manufacturers 

You are not talking with a supplier for only what the educational toy you already have. 

You will have any creative STEM toys in the future with us. 

DIY School Cone
Painting Stones
You could have the unlimited material mixed in your educational toy

Yes, you could find different educational toys manufacturers in China, but they all prefer to produce the single and simple educational toy that with the same material or only plus 1 or 2 accessory. 

With Panda Crafty, Our sourcing agents team will sourcing the matched items, or explore with our cooperated educational toy manufacturers in different file. Like Wooden, Felt, Foam, Paper, PET etc.

Your Educational Toy design is what we willing to achieve

For teaching, for learning, for school, Every smart educational method is great to the world. Especially the Unique Educational Toys.

You have the plan, you got a smart educational toy supplier that flexible and always provide the workable solution to achieve the your design.

Daycare Center

How Smart 

Educational Toys Supplier you are meeting?

Small Quantity

to Start

You could start from 100 sets custom educational toy.

Lowest cost to test the market at the first trial order 

Included freight cost

and import tax 

You could have your educational toys easier. No need to consider of how to import them from us. Just delivery to door for you.

Different material

items is welcome

You may need different material for a experiments or a learning box. It is flexible to do so with us. Our Sourcing Team will make it.


How it Works

Send Idea

  • Send a name 

  • Send a picture

  • Send a theme 

  • Send the Educational toys ideas and plan that you have

GEt Results

  • Get the same kits that you looking for

  • Get the alternative Educational products for choosing

  • Get Trending Toys options 

Have Pricing

  • Confirm the Educational Toys Kits

  • Confirm the quantity

  • Confirm the delivery time

  • Confirm the shipping information


  • Payment

  • Process

  • Have Photos/ Videos/ Reports of your bulk educational toys order 

  • Shipping 

Panda Crafty is your #1 smart Educational Toy Supplier

No Matter how many items contained in a box, you have it with us. 


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To be an essential partner in DIY Toys, Craft projects clients' success by experience crafty kits sourcing, handmade products manufacturing solutions, Follow up production carefully, profitably and to maximum consumer satisfaction. 

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  • Source soft tubes with target price to door

  • Custom size fabric sets

  • 100 boxes of DIY Toy box to start solution

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