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Your Smart 
Educational Toy Supplier 
in Shanghai, China

  • OEM/ODM Your Educational Toys for Different Age Groups

  1. Design and manufacture your educational toys

  2. Private label/dropshipping for the education toys you need Panda Crafty to source 

  3. Group craft/DIY kits as an educational toy to match your business plan

​Your Strategic Partner for Educational Toy Sourcing and OEM Solutions

  • Wholesale Suppliers of Educational Toys

    1. Wholesale Science Kits

    2. Wholesale Educational Products

    3. Bulk Educational Toys

    4. Wholesale School Supply Kits/Bulk Art Supplies for Teachers

    5. Wholesale STEM Toys

    6. Eco-friendly educational toys, Montessori educational toys, Musical educational toys, Personalized educational toys 

Explore our comprehensive range of mixed-material educational toy kits, designed to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions and retailers. Benefit from our cost-saving sourcing services and customizable OEM solutions.


to your long-term Educational Toy Supplier

The Top Trending Educational Toys wholesale

Explore our comprehensive range of mixed-material educational toy kits, designed to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions and retailers. Benefit from our cost-saving sourcing services and customizable OEM solutions.

Wholesale STEM toy
Wholesale STEM Toys

Circuits Kits

  • OK with quantity of Circuits Kits you need

  • OK with 100 pcs for Trail Order

Circuit Kits revolutionize STEM learning in schools and museums, offering interactive, hands-on experiences that make learning about electronics both fun and educational for young minds.

Wholesale Craft Supplies

Mega Arts and Crafts

  • Mega arts and crafts wholesale

  • Mix any craft items and  quantity that you like to have 

Mega Arts and Crafts Sets are a creative powerhouse for educational institutions, offering an expansive range of materials and tools that inspire creativity and innovation in young learners.

chemistry crystal grow kits from Panda Crafty. wholesale art supplies
Wholesale Art Supplies

Crystal Growing Kit

  • Ok with Your Branding Boxes

  • Ok to pick your favor colors 

  • Start from 1000 pcs 

Crystal Growing Kits bring the wonder of science to life, offering an enchanting and educational experience for young learners in schools and museums. 

Bulk Educational Toys

Physics experiment Kits

  • Physics kits educational

  • Choose the items match your teaching plan 

  • Custom Branding box

Physics Experiment Kits bring the mysteries of physics into the classroom, offering hands-on, engaging experiments that make complex principles accessible and fun for students.

Science kits for educational from Panda Crafty
Wholesale Science Kits

Chemistry Science Kits

  • For 16 Experiments, Ok to custom more

  • Ok with your Branding Package from 1000pcs

Chemistry Science Kits transform the way chemistry is taught in educational settings, offering an immersive and interactive learning experience.

diy wooden kits-from-Panda-Crafty physical experiments kits
Wholesale STEM Toys

DIY Wooden Kits

  • Private label for what you need in stock

  • Custom your diy wood cutting board kits

These kits, perfect for schools and museums, encourage students to build and explore fundamental physics concepts through engaging, eco-friendly wood-based projects

Cost-Saving Sourcing

Efficiently manage your budget with our specialized sourcing services. We focus on providing cost-effective educational toys without sacrificing quality.

OEM Solutions

Customize to perfection. Our OEM services allow you to tailor educational toy kits from design to packaging, meeting your unique requirements.

Quality Assurance

Gain peace of mind knowing that all components of our educational toys meet international safety and quality standards.

Streamlined Logistics

Experience seamless shipping. Our logistics expertise extends to liquids, chemicals, and educational toys, ensuring reliable and efficient delivery.

Wholesale, Custom and Manufacturing: Your Gateway to Quality Educational Toys

educational toys suppliers.png

You will have winning long-term partner 

NO NEED to repeat requirements to different not trusted yet educational toys manufacturers 

You are not talking with a supplier for only what the educational toy you already have. 

You will have any creative STEM toys in the future with us. 

DIY School Cone
Painting Stones

You could have the unlimited material mixed in your educational toy

Yes, you could find different educational toys manufacturers in China, but they all prefer to produce the single and simple educational toy that with the same material or only plus 1 or 2 accessory. 

With Panda Crafty, Our sourcing agents team will sourcing the matched items, or explore with our cooperated educational toy manufacturers in different file. Like Wooden, Felt, Foam, Paper, PET etc.

Your Educational Toy design is what we willing to achieve

For teaching, for learning, for school, Every smart educational method is great to the world. Especially the Unique Educational Toys.

You have the plan, you got a smart educational toy supplier that flexible and always provide the workable solution to achieve the your design.

Daycare Center

How Smart Supporting for your business? 

Educational Toys Supplier you are meeting?

Small Quantity
to Start

You could start from 100 sets of each, and mix custom educational toy.

Lowest cost to test the market at the first trial order 

Small Quantity
to Start

You could start from 100 sets custom educational toy.

Lowest cost to test the market at the first trial order 

To door Price

You could have your educational toys easier. No need to consider of how to import them from us. Just delivery to door for you. Included import tax and freight cost.

panda crafty wareshouse for DIY educational toys
Magic Sand Toy Factory from Panda Crafty sources .jpeg

How it Works

Send Idea

  • Send a name 

  • Send a picture

  • Send a theme 

  • Send the Educational toys ideas and plan that you have

GEt Results

  • Get the same kits that you looking for

  • Get the alternative Educational products for choosing

  • Get Trending Toys options 

Have Pricing

  • Confirm the Educational Toys Kits

  • Confirm the quantity

  • Confirm the delivery time

  • Confirm the shipping information


  • Payment

  • Process

  • Have Photos/ Videos/ Reports of your bulk educational toys order 

  • Shipping 

Panda Crafty is your #1 smart Educational Toy Supplier

No Matter how many items contained in a box, you have it with us. 

Educational toys Factory
At Panda Crafty, we take pride in working closely with a wide range of clients, including toy brands, training institutions, children's activity organizers, distributors, wholesalers, and gift/toy importers. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative educational toys has earned us the trust of industry leaders and helped us establish long-term partnerships.

Sarah Johnson, CEO 

As a leading toy brand, we always look for suppliers who share our commitment to quality and innovation. Panda Crafty has proven to be an invaluable partner, providing us with exceptional educational toys that have been well-received by our customers.

David Lee, Founder

Partnering with Panda Crafty has allowed us to offer a diverse range of educational toys tailored to the specific needs of our students. Their expertise and dedication to quality have greatly enhanced our training programs and contributed to our institution's success.

Emily Thompson, Owner

Panda Crafty's educational toys have been a fantastic addition to our children's activity programs. Their wide selection and customization options allow us to provide engaging, age-appropriate toys that keep our young participants entertained and learning.

Not your Expected? 

Easy to get your Educational Toys
made by Panda Crafty 

  • Easy to make the Educational Toy that included more than 10 different items in a box

  • Easy to have the solutions at your target price for your ideas

  • Easy to pass the test and have the certification like EN-71/ASTM F963/CPSIA/CPSC/CA65. Because of we always choose the all experienced material/items for your toys.

  • Easy to custom branding boxes with the existing Trending educational toys 

  • Easy to developing your new designed educational toy as a partner 

  • Easy to have wholesale Science Kits, wholesale School Supply Kits, bulk Art Supplies for teachers together 

Your Trusted Source for Wholesale STEM Toys

Discover an extensive collection of wholesale STEM toys that ignite curiosity and promote hands-on learning. At Panda Crafty, we partner with top-notch toy manufacturers in China to bring you a wide range of STEM toys designed to inspire young minds.

Connect with Reputable Toy Manufacturers in China

Gain access to a diverse selection of educational toys through our partnerships with reputable toy manufacturers in China. Panda Crafty meticulously selects manufacturers that prioritize quality, safety, and educational value, ensuring that you can offer the best products to your customers.

Your Destination for Wholesale Educational Toys

Panda Crafty is your ultimate destination for wholesale educational toys. From STEM kits to interactive games, we offer a wide range of educational toys suitable for various age groups and learning objectives. Expand your product offerings with our high-quality selection.

Reliable Educational Toy Factories in China

Panda Crafty operates with some assemble educational toy factory in China, ensuring strict quality control and production standards. By manufacturing educational toys in-house, we maintain complete oversight of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the highest quality products for your business.

Bulk Purchasing for STEM Toys Made Easy

Need to stock up on STEM toys for your business? Look no further. Panda Crafty offers bulk purchasing options, allowing you to meet the demands of your customers while enjoying cost savings. Our reliable network of toy manufacturers ensures consistent supply and quality.

Reliable Kids Toy Suppliers at Your Service

At Panda Crafty, we understand the importance of providing safe and engaging toys for children. We work with trusted kids toy suppliers who share our commitment to quality and child development. Rest assured that every toy we source meets strict safety standards.

Unleash Creativity with Customized Educational Toy Projects

Looking for unique educational toy projects? Panda Crafty specializes in customizing DIY kits and arts and crafts projects that foster creativity and learning. Collaborate with our team to develop customized toys that align with your brand and meet your customers' preferences.

Seamless Sourcing with Our Manufacturing Agent Services

Navigating the complexities of the Chinese toy market is made easy with Panda Crafty. Our dedicated manufacturing agent services assist you in sourcing educational toys from reputable manufacturers in China. Benefit from our expertise in logistics, quality assurance, and efficient communication.


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To be an essential partner in DIY Toys, Craft projects clients' success by experience crafty kits sourcing, handmade products manufacturing solutions, Follow up production carefully, profitably and to maximum consumer satisfaction. 




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  • Source soft tubes with target price to door

  • Custom size fabric sets

  • 100 boxes of DIY Toy box to start solution


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