Paper Quilling

Unlimited creations by the unlimited quilling paper and tools

OnePaper help you arrive your any quilling arts and quilling creations with offer papers and tools

As big and wide as your creations are, so are our quilling kits and quilling tools 

OnePaper willing to offer as more as kits that use for quilled creations, offer as better as the DIY tools for achieve special quilling shape and better looks,  offer some unique and special custom printing paper to help artists to create the unlimited quilling art.  

Pack a project

Paper quilling Projects

  • You design, we make it

  • Tell us the theme we develop together

  • You choose and mix from our catalog

Fold the frame

Quilling Them

Project Finished

One Stop Quilling Paper Needs

At OnePaper, we help you to do the quilling paper with bigger and widest creations with widest kits and tools.

Our Paper packaging and paper printing experience will help you to finish the custom paper box and print the quilling instructions.

Do and pack all in one stop. High standard quality control team, will inspect the 1 item per item. 


Welcome to share with us any problem that you meet while use the tools. Or what is the tools like that you like to have. 

Tag us with your quilling creations, Happy to share to all our users. 

To email: 

Facebook: @lanylee

Instagram: @lanyleechina


We will check videos, pictures and sourcing all the items that you use.  Choose your needs for your quilling creations  in one stop. 

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Any printing is welcome to made. 

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Welcome to do the custom quilling Education Paper Quilling Creation Sets, Hobbies Paper Quilling Creation Sets, Art Paper Quilling Sets.  

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OnepaperBOX is China’s  widest Paper Quilling kits and tools provider


Get your creative paper quilling   

Let’s get QUILLING!


WHY OnepaperBOX?

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Shanghai, CHINA 



☑️Full-service support

☑️Quantity 100 to unlimited

☑️1-5 pcs Customised samples 

☑️High Quality promised by QC department

☑️EASY options and package ideas

☑️Manufacturers basic in China

☑️Fast delivery TO DOOR

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