Marketing Report of Latch Hook Kits

Why we do a report about latch hook kits?

Because of google says: Latch hook kits has the enough search results for a business.

As a Craft Projects One-Stop Solution Provider, We like to share with you the research that we did for a reference.

Learn more about Latch Hook Kits to make a decision about if latch hook kits good for your business.

What will you see in this Latch Hook Kits Reports?

  • What is Latch Hook Kits?

  • How long will you need for making a latch hook kits?

  • The tools and materials you need for a latch hook kits beginner.

  • How many posts in social media?

  • How much of the latch hook kits in retails store?

  • You could do all custom pre-printed latch hook canvas, private label latch hook kits from us.

What are latch hook kits?

Latch hook kits allow you to make charming pictures using pieces of yarn and a grid canvas printed with a pattern. The picture is made using a latch hook which allows you to loop the pieces of yarn through the canvas. Make the picture by matching the color of the yarn to the color on the canvas. Kits can come in different sizes. Small latch hook kits will have a smaller canvas for a smaller project such as a pillow or cushion. Large latch hook kits will have a larger canvas for rugs or detailed wall hangings. Larger kits often are able to hold more detailed picture so will often come with more varied colors of yarn.

Some Latch Hook Kits photos and made below for reference.

  • Latch hook kits could made a pillow

  • Latch hook kits could made a hug

  • The latch hook yarns is colorful and it is about 6cm length in common

How long will you need for making a latch hook kits?

Latch hooking is an activity for all ages.

It's as easy as slipping the latch hook through a strand of canvas, looping the yarn around the latch and pulling the latch hook back out.

A latch hook design can be made in to a pillow, cushion, rug, or even a wall hanging.

A large rug can take about 100 hours to complete.

While a smaller one can take about 8 hours.

Often times people will make latch hook art intermittently so that they have something to do with their hands, so the time it takes is often spread out over a weekend, a few weeks or several months.

Tools and materials needed to start a latch hook project

There are several things you'll need to start latch hooking.

A latch hook is a hook with a handle and a movable latch running the length of the hook. The canvas with the picture being worked on, and a colored yarn to match the picture.

For example, for a pillow latch hook kits, you need a pillow hook canvas cover.

  • Empty Cover will help you free for any designs. You could design the ideas by printing instructions. Customers could follow the instruction to do anything that they like.

Color full pre-cut latch hook kits yarns Or yarns you could cut by yourself.

Different length hook and different material hook handle for your choosing.

You could make it with private label and some laser logo etc.

So how is trends on the social media?

For latch hook kits on Instagram, there are 77 posts

On pinterest you can find posts such as 100+ Latch Hook Rug Kits ideas, 100+ Everything latch hooking ideas, and 30 Latch & Hook kits or patterns etc ideas.

On facebook are about 18 groups involving latch hook, and latch hook kits. The facebook marketplace is full of users selling new and used latch hook kits.

Best selling latch hook kits And Latch hook kits manufacturers

  • On Amazon, the top 5 best selling kits are the Unicorn from LatchKits for 14.84 USD, the Owl from LatchKits for 13.66 USD, Unicorn from B Me FOR 14.99 USDOwl from Beyond Your Thoughts for 14.99 USD,, and Angel Fish from Wonderart for 8.04 USD.

  • On, the best selling kits are Cupcake from Wonderart for 8.59 USD, Treble Clef from Wonderart for 8.59 USD, Touchdown from Wonderart for 8.79 USD, Cross Of Light from Wonderart for 8.59 USD, and Lab Puppies from Wonderart for 41.99 USD.

  • On, the best selling latch hook kits are Aurora Borealis From Herrschners for 69.99 USD, Blue Moon Owl from Herrschners for 34.99 USD, Winter Wonderland from Herrschners for 99.99 USD, Color Splash Succulents from Herrschners for 69.99 USD, and Black Bear Draft Dodger from Herrschners for 29.99 USD.

  • On, the best seling latch hook kits are Moonlight Meow from Wonderart for 15.99 USD, Butterfly Moon from Wonderart for 15.99 USD, Cupcake from Wonderart for 10.99 USD, Flower Power for 10.99 USD, and Chocolate Labrador from Vervaco for 127.99 USD.

  • The best selling kits on are Deer from Wonderart for 32.99 USD, Sunshine Rainbow from Wonderart for 10.99 USD, Midnight Wolves from Wonderart for 42.99 USD, Butterfly Moon from Wonderart for 18.49 USD, and Pony from Wonderart for 10.99 USD.

On most websites, the best selling Latch hook kits manufacturers are Wonderart Latch Hook Kits for less expensive projects and herrschners latch hook kits for higher end projects.

Latch hooking is lucrative.

Latch hook kits make great crafts for kids.

We can help you develop your very own designs as kids diy toys.

Not only are latch hook kits for kids, but adults love them too.

We can help you turn your designs in to latch hook kits for adults as well.

Latch hook craft kits make great gifts and materials for a latch hooking project can also be sold separately such as yarn, blank canvases, printed canvases and latch hook tools for the more advanced crafter.

What Panda Crafty could offer?

You can make your own latch hook patterns and personalized latch hook kits.

We can supply your business with blank canvases and printed canvas latch hook kits as well as the material and tools for any latch hook project.

Also, we can offer private label for any order.

Send us the details with your order. We can provide you with custom latch hook kits, pre printed latch hook kits and trending latch hook patterns such as butterfly latch hook kits and dog latch hook kits,

How to order to Panda Crafty?

Let us bring your project designs to life with personalized or pre printed latch hook kits. Send us the details of your project and we will provide you with quality products that meet your specifications.

Send a picture and how big you want the project to be and we will print you a custom canvas and instructions.

Tell us your plan and we will make it happen.

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