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No matter how tough or intricate, OnePaper is a doer to achieve your designs

Even artists and graphic designers turn to OnePaper to help turn their ideas to reality

Yes, I DO! That’s what our customers say when we ask them if they love our products. All you need to do is come up with your design. It could be a brochure, flyer, invitation or even an image you saw. That is just enough. OnePaper will help you represent your designs creatively on paper.

We Did!
And Beautiful Things Emerged

At OnePaper, we work with both artists and designers.


This is because they need a good paper company that can well represent their ideas on paper and bring out the beauty in it.


They need a creative company that can follow their strict design requirements to the letter, which is why they turn to OnePaper.


We are simply the best!

No matter how unusually creative or absurd your idea is, we can make it work.


We do printing, stamping, UV coating and all other normal processes. Whether it’s folding, packing and even requesting for special art paper, we are here to help you.


OnePaper helps you in sourcing and procuring the right paper for your project. We are always watching the paper market to help you find the right paper solutions for your products.


Your project may sometimes require folding paper to unique and unusual shapes. A team is ready to help you do this by hand.


Whether you want unique packing for your designs of notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, calendars, paper bags, envelopes, stock papers or greeting cards; we are ready to help.

OnepaperBOX is a doer for the Artist/Designer in China


OnePaperBox helps artists and designers in China

Get top-notch quality products for your amazing designs

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