Pop it Game Rules - Have Fun and Math training with Push Pop Bubble Fidget

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

What is Push Pop Bubble Fidget?

The push pop bubble fidget is a toy that has multiple rows of double-sided poppable bubbles, made by silicone rubber and it comes in different shapes. The significant part of this fidget toy is that when you pop the bubbles from one side, it creates more poppable bubbles on the opposite side.

Reusable as the picture below.

Also it is top trending fidget toy now. Google trends say it.

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Want more pop it game rules?

The pop it game is a self-contained two-player game.

All you need to play this game is a friend.

Even pop it game rules are very simple.

The pop it game Goal: The ultimate aim is to force your opponent to press down on the last bubble.

With this game rules basic.

There is 4 pop it game rules you could use.

Gameplay 1: Two-person battle gameplay

Who presses the last bubble is the loser.

All the buttons in the unpressed state.

Player 1 can press any number of buttons vertically.

The same goes for the player 2.

It’s okay to press any continue number of buttons vertically on the flat. But, you can’t park in the alignment direction and press.

So Tips:

  1. Have to press the continue buttons while you like to pop it over 1 button.

  2. Try to separate the buttons then game goes more opportunity.

  3. If you like to win, find out the point. That point is you need to left odd number turns or even number terns.

You don't need to push or pop it again to restart the game. Just start from another side for another round.

With this pop it game rules. Any shapes and styles push pop fidget toy good to use by this game rules.

Any shape and style you could choose for this pop it game rules

Gameplay 2: Find out The bedroom of Queens (no pressed button related)

Given the bedroom of queens in which all the bubbles are not pressed.

Each pressed bubble is equivalent to a queen’s bedroom.

Your target is to press the bubbles that is not near to the pressed button in last turn.

At the same time, the bubbles you chose to press can’t be horizontal or vertical aligned to the pressed button in last turn.

If so, still who force to find the last bedroom, who is loser.

Like below:

Grey is the bubble that popped last turn.

Green is the bubble that related to the bedroom of queen.

Pink is the available bubbles to press.

It is a math training rule. You got it?


Could use square push pop bubble fidget to play.

But you could choose the color you prefer, choose the printing you like or choose the big size to play more fun.

Square Push Pop it Toy. Colorful options, Or different size options

Gameplay 3: Jumping Room Game

All the bubbles are in the state of dropping down.

Start pressing from any position, and you can go horizontally and vertically.

On the alignment line, the top first grid is divided into 2 grids to jump. Press as many buttons as possible (you cannot repeatedly press the same).

Also, you know, who will be the last one to press the correct bubble, who is the looser.

Jumping Rules, Jump 1 or 2 bubbles to press


As bigger size as better to place with this pop it game rules. You could pop it with more chances.

For Jumping game rules, this 20cm big push pop fidget toys will matched

Gameplay 4: Ride the game

All the buttons are in the unpressed state. Start from any position using the niche of chess

Method ("day · character). Press as many buttons as possible (the same

Position), adjacent to each other. Remember, the buttons cannot be on the same horizontal, vertical, or opposite line.

A rule goes like the horse in Chess, You could have more as your rules then.


Square push pop fidget will be good for this.

Follow these game rules, How to play the push pop bubble fidget?

For Beginners

1. Play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to start the game.

2. Players have to take turns pressing down on the bubble pad. You can press down on one bubble, two bubbles, or even the entire row of bubbles; it is totally up to you. Just stick to your row.

3. The next player does the same.

4. The player that presses down the last bubble will lose the round.

5. Just turn the board over, and you’re all set for round 2.

6. The