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Your Best STEM Classroom Supplies Provider

Finding the right STEM education supplies can be hard. Panda Crafty offers one-stop shopping with everything you need for your class or business.


Our professional sourcing team can help you find or make the science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) education supplies you need. You can find many options for STEM school supplies in one place. You will also have alternatives when you can’t find the right STEM technology projects.

Technology Class

Some Trending STEM Theme Boxes 

Create exciting themed boxes that will give children hours of fun-filled learning. Our STEM project boxes can come with your choice of more than 10 challenging projects. Just a few of the possibilities are:

Science STEM Supplies box

A Science box with weather, geology, or chemistry projects for all ages

STEM Supplies -Science
STEM Supplies
STEM Supplies -Science 2
STEM Supplies -Science 3
STEM Supplies -Science 4
STEM Supplies -Science 4
STEM Supplies -Science 5
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Technology STEM Supplies box

A Technology box with mix-and-match projects. Start with a common mold for cost efficiency and then create combinations to give your class a wide variety of options.

STEM Supplies - Technology STEM Toy
STEM Supplies - Technology STEM Toy 2
STEM Supplies - Technology STEM Toy 3
STEM Supplies - Technology STEM Toy 4
STEM Supplies - Technology STEM Toy 6
STEM Supplies - Technology STEM Toy 7
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Engineering STEM Supplies box

An Engineering box with your choice of building, electronics, or robotics projects

STEM Supplies - Engineering
Engineering STEM Supplies 2
Engineering STEM Supplies 3
Engineering STEM Supplies 4
Engineering STEM Supplies 5
Engineering STEM Supplies 6
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Math STEM Supplies box

A Math box where kids can practice tessellations, puzzles, or learn counting skills

Pop It Fidget Toy Math STEM Supplies
STEM Supplies - Math -Panda Crafty
Math STEM Supplies 3
Math STEM Supplies 4
Math STEM Supplies 5
Math STEM Supplies 6
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It’s easy to get your STEM supplies made by Panda Crafty

Build a STEM box for kids with a wide variety of items. Choose from math STEM, science experiment kits, engineering STEM ideas, or technology STEM projects.
Use your STEM supply list to create an exciting box. Your box can have more than 10 different STEM technology projects.

Simple pricing ensures that you can stay within your budget and find the right STEM engineering projects for your students.

Our products are certified to EN-71/ASTM F963/CPSIA/CPSC/CA65 standards. We choose only the best materials to create your STEM school supplies. This means that your toys are safe and educational.

You can use our beautiful custom branding boxes with existing popular STEM education supplies. Create fun and unique toys for your class, or products for your business!

You can easily develop your ideas for steam science or other engineering STEM projects. Tell us your ideas, and our strategic sourcing experience will make your vision come true.

Easily purchase wholesale Science Kits, wholesale School Supply Kits, bulk Art Supplies for teachers, parents, or your business.

NO NEED to repeat your requirements to different manufacturers

Panda Crafty is not just the supplier for STEM engineering projects you already have.

You can create new science technology engineering and mathematics toys from your STEM education supplies list.

Design and manufacturing services in one place means convenient ordering for you.

An unlimited choice of material for your educational toys

There are many different manufacturers of educational toys in China.

Most produce the same simple educational toys in the same material, with limited accessories.
At Panda Crafty, our team will work hard to find the craft source that is best for your students.

Choose from Wood, Felt, Foam, Paper, PET, and many more. Our strategic sourcing experts work with many educational toy manufacturers to find the materials you need.

Building a Robot

Let us help you create your own unique educational toys

Custom educational toys are a great way to teach. Children all over the world love learning with STEM engineering products or math activities. We can create a STEM box for kids that is designed by you!
You have the idea, and we have the solutions. We pride ourselves on being flexible and committed to the best solutions to achieve your designs.

Engineering Robot Car
  • Smarter Ways to Shop for STEM Supplies

    Every aspect of ordering is safe and easy.

  • Start Small

    Starting quantities are as low as 100 sets for custom educational toys. You can easily test the market for your idea with a trial order.

  • Freight cost and import tax included

    Our kits are delivered straight to your door – no need to worry about import or freight costs. You can easily order and enjoy your STEM school supplies from us.

  • A variety of materials

    If you’re looking for a specific material for your science experiment kits or stem technology projects, let us know! Our team has sourcing solutions for every need. We are the leader in quality product sourcing.

Get Strong Supports

Send us your STEM materials list, STEM lab supply list, or math activities idea.

Let us find the right educational toys and projects for you!

No matter how big or small, from a classroom of 30 students to a business selling thousands of science experiment kits.

At Panda Crafty, you will find the product sourcing solutions you need to make education fun and challenging for kids!

With both factories and our warehouse located in Shanghai, we’re close to the sources for all of our products.

Your project will be closely managed by our strategic sourcing agents.

They will make sure it meets all of your requirements and that the final product is high quality.


To be an essential partner in DIY Craft projects clients' success by experience crafty kits sourcing, handmade products manufacturing solutions, Follow up production carefully, profitably and to maximum consumer satisfaction. 

  • Easter eggs on a music box 

  • Surprise Rose project 

  • Source soft tubes with target price to door

  • Custom size fabric sets

  • Custom wood car with target price 

  • 100 boxes of DIY Toy box to start solution

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