18 Creative Soap Packaging Designs To Get your Branding Started

Updated: Jan 13

Brand your soap easier by these creative soap packaging ideas which collected by OnepaperBOX. If any copyright problem about the images, Please contact onepaperbox@gmail.com to delete. Welcome to share your design to us also, thank you.

There are a lot of material to do soap packaging, For the easy to get your soap branding stated. I am sharing the paper packaging for soap today.

You will see

  • Types of packaging

  • Some template of dieline

  • Video to assemble the box

  • Some DIY decoration ideas on the stock box

The more, you could just ask Panda Crafty to help you sourcing any craft supplies from China for winning more profit on your business.

The world of soap packaging

#Soappackaging is a thing now! You heard it right – it is a slowly but surely expanding market in today’s World. To all of those who don’t know what exactly does it mean by soap packaging, it is a process where the detergents and soap are in the last stage of manufacturing process. They are packed in brand-appropriate, proper paper boxes and shipped to their destinations, wherever that is. Earlier, it was an individual responsibility of soap companies to have their own packaging ideas ready, but in today’s world, there are lot of companies and industries, who take paper packaging for soap in bulk orders, and help the soap and detergent companies to make decision regarding types of packaging, designs, logo and what not. These companies, along with providing some cool, unique soap packaging designs, also strive to give out soap boxes wholesale. This option is beneficial for everyone and that too, on a variety of aspects. We at OnepaperBOX offer different types of packaging made by love with paper.

Part 1: Types of packaging


These boxes are especially for simple ones – the boxes are like matchboxes. The cover is white with just a logo adorning a top, and the inside one being plain colorful. You can color code, keeping the same colored soap in same colored box.


This might look some of the simplest soap packaging ideas, but it has underlying creative points which one would not pay much attention to at first glance. The boxes and packaging are shaped as a rectangle, but the front has simple but quirky illustrations of different types of women. Some silver shapes are sprinkled all across the box, making it look elegant and not at all trashy.


This soap packaging is actually a type of soap wrapping paper. It is better for wholesale packaging supplies, than for wrapping just one of the kraft soap boxes. The cover is themed around the film industry, with handsome men and beautiful women’s cartoon ized version printed on the soap cover. This is one of the best soap wrapping ideas, and can be best for to wrap small packaging boxes. Order this beautiful wrap paper for wrapping soap packaging boxes and you are all set to sell it!


A cute box is always a better choice. This has the structure just like a matchbox, with the cover being matte black, and the inside being gold. The font used is minimalist. The whole box is simple yet beautiful – a must have!

Download the die line #template by the size: 80x60x35mm


The one type of soap container that we have here might look simplistic, but it is actually hassle-free and pretty. The color combination is simple but striking, with a small rectangle cut on top and wrapped in transparent material. This is done so that one can see the beauty kept inside, which is the soap! It would be charming to have a glimpse of the soap, especially if it is homemade. You can order this bar soap packaging in bulk for your business. Tell us your requirement and we will have your custom soap boxes ready in no time!


This is one of our popular paper soapboxes, owing to its uniquely crafted design. The ensemble is black in color, with the front right side having a cutout of a leaf, so that you can see the colorful beauty that’s inside. The left side of this soap bag is embossed with white space, reserved for the name, logo and everything else, which can be customized according to your needs. The box looks elegant and is also easy as well as efficient to use.

Download the die line template by the size: 60x35x80mm


This soap box is, hands down, one of the best designs anyone has ever seen. This is a different type of soap wrapper which comes in an intricate pattern. The color is a rich, royal blue with the name and logo printed in the front in golden. It also comes with a beautiful booklet, also with the same blue-gold combination. The booklet contains the instructions for how to package soap which you can refer to, if you need to do some homemade soap packaging. It is one of the creative packaging ideas that we have come up with, and is perfectly suitable for giving it away at weddings and anniversaries!


The one we have right here has an elegant vibe going on. The bottom has an intricate pattern running horizontally over the box. The box is a vertical one, with beautiful golden designs and font in the front. It would suit as a gift for fancy occasions.


This box gives a beautiful, beach kind of vibes. The colors used are white and blue, with the box riding triangular patterns all over it. The front has a triangle cut and covered with transparent paper, so that you can peek in and get a feel of the beauty inside.


A new trend in soap packaging – half soap boxes! This one right here is sort of like a stand, with complimentary color scheme and simple typography. It gives more emphasis on the soap and its presentation, and can be used in your home too.


This might look like soap wrapping paper, but is actually a soap box. Instead of resorting to some pretty designs, these boxes are decorated with typography. The font is minimalist, making the full look pretty and desirable.


This is undoubtedly one of the most elegant designs one might have come across. The paper to cover it up is pastel green, with silver, beautiful patterns embossing it. All of this held together with black strip, containing information about the soap. The look is beautiful and compelling.


This box is by far the best one you would have ever seen. The shape and design is just like a diary, where you lift the front to reveal the box inside. The soap inside is wrapped in soap paper, so that the box is never soiled. It is one of the cutest designs one would ever come across.


Who doesn’t love puppies? This wrapping paper comes with beautiful dogs’ photos, and can wrap up to four to six soaps. The entire box looks beautiful and that too just because of the dogs.


This is another of type of wrapping paper. Instead of dogs or cartoons, it has actually different patterns of beautiful flowers, with colors splayed across the box.


This purple box is something of a beautiful design. It can be simple all over, except for the front. The front has a silver, pretty rectangle, adding to its charm. The font is also doused in silver, giving it a regal look and feel. A definite must have!


The rectangular box here is available in soft, pastel shade of orange. The front has a picture of a pearl in the oyster, giving it a beautiful, complete look. The front is adorned with beautiful, colored font and typography, making it a simple yet a must have choice.


A minimalist design at its best, this soap box is everything you can dream of. The whole box is white, with simple and colorful designs embossed all over the box. The name, printed in the front, is minimalist as well, giving it a simple yet colorful vibe.

Part 2. Some die line template pdf for soap packaging

OnepaperBOX also offers some beautiful die line templates to download, which are extremely helpful to start the design easily. But, first of all, to those of you who don’t know what die line templates are, they actually serve as a package template that ensures proper layout for a printed product. It is a diagram that shows all the cuts and folds of a package in a flattened form.

We offer a unique variety in such die line templates, ranging from basic rectangle boxes, till some funky, 3D ones. To those of you who want to make the packaging all by them, all they have to do is download the right type of template and work on them.

Just click the list here that you like to download:

Tuck Top Snap Bottom box 60x35x80 mm die line template

Roll End Tuck Front 80x60x35mm Soap packaging box die line template

Pillow box 80x60x35mm soap packaging box dieline template

Drawer box 80x60x35mm soap packaging die line template

Drawer box (thick) 80x60x35mm soap packaging die line template

Telescoping box 80x60x35mm soap packaging die line template

The list is longer and longer belongs you you you you you comment below the size and the box type (comment with the link you saw) you need .

Part 3. The video to help you Assemble the boxes

Now that you have such templates, assembling them is just like a piece of cake. However, assembling boxes like this can be a tricky job, because every box needs different time to get complete. There is also difference in difficulty, which increases or decreases with the structures. All you need is a simple video to choose and assemble box in the right way. The video will certainly make it better and easier.

Assemble the tuck top snap bottom type box:

Assemble the Roll end tuck front box :

The more, please just have a look at the "How to video" page.

Part 4. The DIY decorating the stock box ideas

DIY ideas with #ropes, #sleeve, #tag, #label or all together. Just pack them dreaming.

And you could buy together from us easier.

We at OnepaperBOX are happy to provide paper packaging for soap and detergents. They are everything one requires to promote their brand. You can even order soap packaging design at your home as well.

If you want to add some of your own customizations, you can always purchase the stock packaging which we provide on our website.

The only thing is that you have to assemble the wholesale packaging supplies we would provide. In this order, you will get 1000 pieces of boxes, which will be flat, and which you will have to assemble right in your home. We can provide you with mix colored boxes, or some same, simple one – it is all your choice. The entire order is made by 350gsm paper, which is perfectly weightless and easy to handle. The dimensions are 8cm x 8cm x 4cm, while the insides are 6cm x 6cm x 4cm. You can customize them as per your wish as well. You can use paper ribbons, water colors, kraft tags, tiny hearts, and what not, to decorate your soap packaging. You can also incorporate some creative ideas or some soap label ideas to decorate it. You can try calligraphy, some stuff to stick on it, some stamps and you are all set. This handmade soap packaging would be something you will be proud of.

The final, You could submit the needs on custom soap packaging, soap supply, soap mold for your soap business.

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