How to Measure a Box?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Before you actually find out how to measure a box, the primary aspect to be kept in mind is accuracy, because box measurements are very important when it comes to packaging. Box dimensions are the deciding factor regarding materials required, product costs, shipping arrangements, and so on.

How to measure a box?

How to measure a box

The overall box measurements depend on three factors, along with slight math skills – take a look:

Common method
  • Length – It is the longest side of a box with a flap.

  • Width – The second longest side of the box that contains a flap.

  • Depth/ Height – After you identify what is width and length, turn your attention to the shortest and only dimension that doesn’t include the box’s flag.

Notice: This is a structure that will stand stable. Used for shipping box which contain many item inside mostly, Or something no care about the side of products.

Unusual needs
  • Depth/Height - First thing you should identify. Just image, How is your products stand on the floor. Then that is the Height you will see.

  • Length - After you identify the height. Then the longest side of a box with a flap. That is it.

  • Width - The last side with a flap.

Notice: That is may different choice for some special box structure. But don't worry a professional paper box supplier OnepaperBOX will help you modify it to the final box style you like.

how to measure a box

How to measure a box

The combination of dimensions – length x width x height gives the correct #boxmeasurements. The product being packaged plays an integral role in determining the type of box to be used. To compute the total volume of a box, just multiple the three dimensions.

Types of boxes

  • Square Boxes

When you consider square boxes, #length, #width, and #height are almost equal in measurements, but the dimensions will only be perfectly equal to each other in special cases, or if the manufacturer wants them to be.

  • Tall Box

While figuring how to measure a boxthat is tall or upward facing, remember that depth or height is the largest dimensions, while length and width are smaller.

  • Long Box

When you consider longbox measurements, the measurement of lengthwill show that it is far bigger than the other dimensions.

Are you familiar with external and internal dimensions?

  • Inner

Usually the measurements of boxes correspond to the size of their inner dimensions. This makes it more convenient for customers, since the contents are guaranteed to be a tight fit if the box is measured by its internal dimensions.

  • Outer

Measuring a box by external dimensions is slightly complex since it always takes the thickness into account. In this case, the contents might not fit in snugly, and this very factor could lead to damage during transit for particular products that need to fit in tightly within the box.

So prior to deciding on how to measure a box, consider the internal dimensions first as it is the most precise method, especially when it comes to corrugated cardboard boxes. That is why manufacturers are extremely conscious about the size of both internal and external dimensions.


You could just download the template after measure the box.

Or request a quick quote and template.

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