Wall Colouring Roll

Painting on Wall

Social, Freestyle, Happiness

Single(1 Roll), Couple(2 Rolls), Family(3 Rolls) PACK

More than 1000 Rolls 


Get top-notch printing and finishing solutions all in one convenient place

Colouring brings you Happiness

Wall colouring brings you Freestyle

Roll to colouring brings you Social 


WHY OnepaperBOX?

Room 315, No.1 B Building, Lang 1670 Xiuyan Road,

Shanghai, CHINA 


Email: onepaperbox@gmail.com

☑️Full-service support

☑️Quantity 100 to unlimited

☑️1-5 pcs Customised samples 

☑️High Quality promised by QC department

☑️EASY options and package ideas

☑️Manufacturers basic in China

☑️Fast delivery TO DOOR

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