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Do custom paper box, paper bag or any paper thins for you

Quantity from 100 to Unlimited

QC: Check all 1 by 1

Dress your products

Hi There,

This is Lany Lee, the founder of OnepaperBOX.

From 2008- 2017, I am the one who look for paper package for my products (Bandage and tapes).

From 2018 on, OnepaperBOX team would like to BE YOUR SIDE to do the service of custom paper packaging, paper printing, paper cutting

  • EASY to get started. Quantity: 100pcs - Unlimited 

  • Quick producing

  • Flexible on the quantity, paper material, paper cutting, paper finishing options. 

  • Not only for the standard and easy project. Any special projects like pop up flyer, unusual shape paper box, paper bags and other paper things which done by machine and manual. 

  • 90% women workers in our manufacturer. Take care all the projects. 

Just an idea now for dressing your products. but don't know how to start

 Popular paper boxes, paper bags, self packaging,  Gift boxes and gift boxes

 You will get the design from our template and quote with our selected paper material and finish way

All is ready, Please send us your artwork and the requirement detail on paper, finish type and quantity etc to quote.

Boxes for flower
New in 2018 

Paper Boxes for Flowers 

Box for flower
Fresh flowers packaging
Foral package box and bag
ideas for packing fresh flowers
You have my word
buy paper pillow box from OnepaperBOX

Do customise paper box, paper bag, Brochures, Booklets, Tags, Business cards, Bookmarks, Greeting cards or any paper thins for you

Quantity from 100 to Unlimited

Customise samples 

All service 
paper printing paper cutting service from OnepaperBOX

QC Department

check 1 by 1 

Quality Promised
Dream being true
shopping bag manufacturer
OK, any designs
Any shape, any printing you like
High quality costmetic box
​EASY Options
You could choose the pre-selected by us.

WHY OnepaperBOX?

Room 315, No.1 B Building, Lang 1670 Xiuyan Road,

Shanghai, CHINA 


Email: onepaperbox@gmail.com

☑️Full-service support

☑️Quantity 100 to unlimited

☑️1-5 pcs Customised samples 

☑️High Quality promised by QC department

☑️EASY options and package ideas

☑️Manufacturers basic in China

☑️Fast delivery TO DOOR

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